Our fashion dresses guide for this Summer

We love Summer. It is the most sensuous, the most charming, and loveliest season of them all. It is the time when we feel most happy, accessible, and connected to nature. And for the girls of our family, Summer is definitely the season of dresses. We strongly believe that if you have a few dresses, you really like and feel yourself wearing them, you do not need any other clothes. Dresses are so versatile that you can wear them anytime and anywhere. They are lovely for garden picnics. They are irreplaceable for slow days at home.

So here we are, representing the main categories: mini dresses, maxi dresses, plus size dresses, button-up dresses, and bodycon dresses.

Mini dress look fabulous with vowed accessories such as hats or beach bags, daytime and evening. And the good news is that it suit all types of bodies – you just need to select your personal favorite.

Button up dresses are to-go dresses for women who spend time in the city. They are fabulous for meeting friends for a cup of coffee. They are comfy and yet elegant for office life as well as for time with kids and family.

We create plus-size dresses in loose-fit silhouettes to lie beautifully on your feminine shapes. The dresses with V neck will focus on your beautiful neck and decollete, and the oversized long-sleeved shirt dresses can be paired with linen pants or leggings.

 We hope you enjoyed our guide on linen dresses! If you have any concerns or questions, just contact us, and we will be glad to select the best-fitted dresses for you!