How To Find The Right Clothing Factory And Garments Manufacturers In China?

Does anyone want to import clothing or other textile garments from China?

Do you know how to choose the right clothing manufacturer or find qualified Chinese oem dress suppliers, factories or exporters in China?

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Creating a tech pack, choose good materials,  testing materials,making PP samples,making bulk production, Quality Inspection and setting garments from China to you,my dear customers.

How to find a good clothing manufacturer in China?

Not all garments manufacturers and clothing factories are responsible and excellent. If some customers just made a random manufacturers selection online, without verifying these factories are able to reach your clothing quality requirements,the customers will regret for that .

Some clothing manufacturers and suppliers in China offer low prices, but the quality is very poor. Customers will find out that just a waste of the time and money after receiving the samples, total disaster.

Well It’s not complicated, but you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Production line scope

2. Factory’s certificate

3. Test reports

4. Workmanship and Fabric quality

5. BSCI Reports

6.Partner Customers who have worked together

Yichen Fashion

We are always specialized in manufacturing and developing and designing brand new garments with the most professional OEM and ODM standards in apparel industry.

How to get a OEM clothing manufacturer and make them produce clothing for you based on your clothing designs, but branded with your label?

YIchen Fashion We offer clothing one stop solution production as an ‘on-demand’ service. From fabrics, zippers and other components ,We procure materials according to your request.