Customizing parka and coat and jacket! Let Parka save your whole winter!

Let Parka save your whole winter!

Parka Coat originated from the traditional clothes of Eskimos. Eskimos invented a hooded fur jacket made of animal fur. There will be a circle of animal fur at the edge of the hat to protect the temperature of the face. This kind of clothes can not only protect against wind and snow, but also extremely warm, which is convenient for Eskimo hunting and outdoor work.


In World War II, in order to protect the air force and improve combat effectiveness, the U.S. Army transformed the overcoat to make it more suitable for military life and prevent it from splashing mud and soiling the handsome suit. The Hooded Coat against wind and snow is named “Parka”, which is what we call Parker coat.


In the 1960s, British invasion and mod returned, and Parka was gradually introduced into UK.


Mod people love to ride small motorcycles Vespa, and their thin suits are obviously not suitable for this sport. So young people had an idea and put Parka outside their suits to create another mix and match fashion, which is very popular. Until now, British it girls love to wear parka.


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