Custom Outdoor Apparel, Outerwear, Shirts and Uniforms with YiChen garments — what are the key factors affecting the quality of outdoor clothing fabrics???

Customized outdoor sports clothing: — what are the key factors affecting the quality of outdoor clothing fabrics???

Generally, nylon, polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics are post processed: waterproof, calendering, dry and wet coating, film lamination and other processes, with various functional fabrics such as waterproof, moisture permeability, air permeability, water pressure resistance, UV resistance and so on. Then these functions should first start from the source I mear textile printing and dyeing factory.

YiChen garments fashion,a custom outdoor jacket supplier with low MOQ,we hope to be your supplier in China,Our OEM clothing manufacturer is located in DongGuan City, the fabric capital of China. There are many outdoor and special textile fabrics all around the world .

As long as you send us samples or pictures, we can process and customize clothing for you,from custom women’s clothing to men’s clothing,from custom quick drying shirts to custom outdoors & Leisure,We will be your loyal garment suppliers and garment manufacturers partners.

We will give you the best custom clothing service and the lowest price.

If you want to represent your brand, then putting a custom logo on something designed to be outdoors is the best & most obvious way to get your logo out …

We customize and produce many outdoor sportswears every year. Our customers are all over the world. We have won their trust through excellent custom clothing and garments with the cheapest prices.


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