How to make high quality custom shirts? Where to find cheap high quality custom t-shirts

Yichen fashion makes custom shirt or T-shirt very easy and inexpensive to you ,my friend ,when you wanna order custom shirts,we will give you low prices and providing best price t-shirt printing to you ,We lovely customers.

We have 10 years of printing experience, you can rest assured that We promise our shirt or T shirt prints will last after wash,we are a professional custom shirt and T shirt maker,free custom shirt design,free custom shirt tags,all you need is let us see the custom shirt with picture,and we will customize it for you,give you free samples.

For example:For this shirt,We used the famous shirt fabric imported from Italy.

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And for this T shirt ,we use pima cotton:


Custom Material:We have 100% cotton,95% cotton 5% spandex,65% cotton 35% polyester,100% polyester and so on.We can also do custom material according to your requirements.


Custom Printing:We can do screen printing,heat transfer printing,DTG printing and so on.We will choose the suitable printing method according to your 002 1005

Custom Sizes:We can do US size,UK size,AU size.We can also do men’s size and women’s size.If you have your own size chart,that
will be great!

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We used Irish linen for this shirt:

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We have a lot of custom garments materials and

fabrics.If you want custom high quality shirts or customize t shirt with real high quality,just let us know .

Yichen Fashion is the leader in providing custom clothing for Men and Women!




If you have any custom idea ,please contact us!

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